Oral and intravenous treatments lead to living longer, healthier lives

It could be the intake or application for any other medication for a myriad of diseases. Medical and pharmaceutical science has advanced in leaps and bounds, so much so, that even in the case of serious, sometimes life-threatening diseases, people are able to live longer and healthier lives, but always under the strict guidance of their general practitioner or specialist. While oral herpes is not life-threatening it could curiously be a life-long disease.

Anyone, not just those for the obvious reasons that most folks are already familiar with, can contract herpes, usually quite by chance and by accident of coming in direct contact with another person who already has herpes or is not hygienically sound. It is a curious disease, because the symptoms could disappear just as quickly as it surfaced. But reappear many years later. Either way, the oral herpes medication could very well keep the disease’s visual manifestations at bay.

The treatment, if needed, however, is only applied occasionally. At the earliest sign of what is otherwise known as a cold sore, just a small amount of prescribed cream is applied to the infected area. During the affected areas’ earliest stages, the cream is applied up to four times a day. This is done under the strict guidelines of the health care professional. Nothing more than a numbing sensation is felt on the area after the cream is applied.

As with any form of serious medication, there are precautions to be noted by the patient. For instance, if the cold sore or oral herpes infection worsens, patients should return post haste to their doctors for further consultations and directions. And it requires a practitioner’s approval before any pregnant mothers can use this cream.